Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb

7/12/20: Seg 1 - Lieb on the Loose (Political & Public Health Rant)

July 12, 2020 Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb Season 1 Episode 79
Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb
7/12/20: Seg 1 - Lieb on the Loose (Political & Public Health Rant)
Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb
7/12/20: Seg 1 - Lieb on the Loose (Political & Public Health Rant)
Jul 12, 2020 Season 1 Episode 79
Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb

Political rant about liberty and public health impacting real estate investing

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Political rant about liberty and public health impacting real estate investing

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This is real estate investing with Andrew Lieb

Andrew Lieb (41s):
The Sunday. Welcome back. My friends. This is Lauren and Andrew from real estate investing with Andrew Lieb. We got a great show for you today, but before we even get into the show, I just got to beef to saddle and I have a radio. So I'm going to say whatever I got to say, Lauren. So I w I order a lot of the curbside. You might be nervous. I'm going to call people out. I don't care. So you know how they have the curbside. I love, love, love, love the curbside. Like when you pick up your food, you call up. I actually just had a horrific burrito before we went on there.

Andrew Lieb (1m 13s):
I love curbside. You call them, they have it ready. You get going. I ordered Italian food the other day, and I call up in advance. We called up and I go to the place, not ready at the curbside. So I walk in the guy that's making my food. You know how in like a pizza, you can see them making the food. He has a mask, but he doesn't have a mask on his face. He has it on his chin everywhere, everywhere. And there was people, there was people around the entire place without masks.

Andrew Lieb (1m 43s):
And then I saw people walking into the place without masks. These people are crazy. And I got a few things to say about it. First of all, I don't care what your politics are. If you jeopardize my health, you're dead to me. Like, that's just how I feel about it. And why do I feel that? I don't know if you saw the, who, the world health organization, you know, that organization Trump's trying to defund to not be a part of that world health organization thingy. Well, they just came out this week and they said, it's not just droplets. It's aerosols, that spread coronavirus.

Andrew Lieb (2m 13s):
So an aerosol means like when it comes out of your mouth, it's not just the big droplets. It's just like things you don't even see it doesn't drop the gun. And what they said is it's all about staying in the air. And a restaurant is like a breeding ground. They actually called out restaurants is one of the things. And so I go back, there's real estate investing with Andrew Leib. So how does this have anything to do with it besides he's just ranting. Here's what I go back to. When you had the phase one, the phase two, the phase three, the phase four on long Island. We in phase four, right now, the governor put out guidance. And in the guidance, you had to affirm a safety plan and it had some mandatory things you have to do.

Andrew Lieb (2m 46s):
So all you restaurant tours out there there's want to read to you what it says, regardless of this physical distance employees. That means all the people working for you must wear an acceptable face covering at all times. They're not talking about on your chin over the mouth, everybody, one of the guys on the place had it over his mouth, but his nose was sticking out. That's useless for me. And then when I was in there, these idiot patrons were walking. A lot of them had face coverings and they were great. Don't misunderstand. It's a happening place, man. I'm going to use their name, but I liked them, but I don't think I'm going there until COVID over again, because people are walking in.

Andrew Lieb (3m 22s):
But here's what it says. Patrons must wear a face covering all time. Except while seated. When you walk in the door, you have to have a face covering on. And these restaurants, if you're strong tour, you're a real estate guy. Meaning you're the landlord. You're a restaurant or you're the landlord. You better enforce us. Did you read about in Montauk? They shut down three bars. The owners, they, they got arrested because they were violating the law. And then some of you are probably going well, they have riots. They're allowed to have rye yet. I want to just because I, it just, it makes me so angry because, well, here's the thing.

Andrew Lieb (3m 58s):
So here's what it is. A lot of people are like, well, then we should be able to gather too. You got to backward. It's not that because they allowed and then, and allow riots just to be clear. They, they, no one allowed any riots. You crazy people. What they instead did is they allowed people to assemble and protest. They allowed protests clearly when it became a riot that became illegal and a problem. And I agree, I'm on the Smithtown dads group. They're riding on the dad's group that you're supposed to give 24 hour notice if you're going to have a protest or, and they're right, you got to follow the laws I'm inside.

Andrew Lieb (4m 29s):
But I want to be clear. My perspective is in a pandemic, I don't care about your right to assemble. These are right to assemble a spreading of virus. It's not that because they had these riots. You should be able to go hang out with your friends and have a party mom's group. Did you know that they had a prom in the same room? One of the moms, she in her backyard had 600 people. She was bragging about her backyard for a PR crazy. Here's the thing we're in a pandemic. The goal is to be in a social distance from someone at least six feet in when the aerosols indoors, maybe you want to be even more and to cover your mouth.

Andrew Lieb (5m 3s):
And then these idiots, Lauren, I'm ranting, before we get into it's true. They go, well, everyone, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, and justice for all. That's where they get this from. So Liberty, they go, you could wear a mask if you want. And I'm going to do what I want. You got to backward, you stupid fool. Here's the thing. Your mask is what protects me. And my mask is what protects you. Like if you look how this whole thing goes, me wearing a mask is me protecting you. You're not wearing a mask for you're wearing it for others. And I'm not trying to say your own mass doesn't help you too.

Andrew Lieb (5m 34s):
Right? But the best way to stay safe, just when someone that you're talking to is wearing a mask. That's what I want. The person that why think about it because they'll go. They go, well, scarfs don't do anything. I want you to do a little trick for me. Do a little test for me. I want you to go take yourself a piece of paper and below on the piece of paper and put your hand on the other side of the piece. And you will see that even though things we'll get through the paper, the particles, like not a, it's not that maybe don't even want to use a paper. Maybe you think I'm stupid. Use a quilt. You know, there's big holes in quilts. Aren't the big Hills holes in quilts below on the quilt and have your hand on the other side and then blow just on your hand.

Andrew Lieb (6m 10s):
And I promise you, there's going to be more air when you just blow in your hand. Here's the thing I am hurting right now as a real estate investor. It is a hard time. We are having trouble finding tenants. The market is like crazy. Talk in Manhattan. It's like, and yes, people are in the mass migration out to the suburbs, but it's, it's very unpredictable. I need normalcy to come back. My business needs normalcy. My clients, I have a law firm. We represent big clients.

Andrew Lieb (6m 41s):
They are struggling. They have no budget right now. It's a ho to go check out these restaurants. They have places for seating and they're allowed to have 50% seating. Everyone's getting hurt. What do we need? We need to keep New York strong. New York happens to be doing really, really well. But I know people in Florida and they scared the bejesus out of me. You see what's going on in Arizona, Lauren, like these places

Lauren Lieb (7m 6s):
COVID parties have to stop.

Andrew Lieb (7m 8s):
Yeah. You hear about this crazy Lauren. Well, tell them about the COVID party. This is just, I read about it. I think it was Oklahoma. I they're all over the place. Oh my God.

Lauren Lieb (7m 15s):
It's children. It's teenagers. It's, it's younger. It's younger people who are having parties and who can get COVID first. So here's what I actually died. Yeah.

Andrew Lieb (7m 23s):
We'll talk about that one second. But here's what happens. They put in money. They go to a party. Whoever gets COVID first wins the pot. It's like one of these fishing trips. Have you been on the fishing boats, the party boats where you all give them a few dollars and whoever gets the biggest fish wins, except they're trying to die. Tell me about the kid who died at church.

Lauren Lieb (7m 40s):
A kid died. I mean, that's all you have to say.

Andrew Lieb (7m 43s):
Here's what happened. His church did this church. I just want to throw that out there again, church, like the place that's supposed to like protect you church. They did this. And one of the kids who was immunocompromised died, like this is no joke. And a lot of people like, well, it's when we were about people that are immunocompromised. Do you know if you're immunocompromised? Like when was the last time you had a full body workup? Like you could have issues. It's just, and why hurt someone else? So, anyway, that's my rant. My rant goes like this. If you're not going to do it for yourself, do it for other people.

Andrew Lieb (8m 16s):
If you're not gonna do it for other people do it because it's the rules. If you're not going to do it because of the rules, do it because the cops are out to shut you down. Have you seen again in Montauk, get arrested and what good is it for your business? If you're getting shut down. And so to transition to the people that are doing right though, did you see Roosevelt field seriously? They opened up on Friday. It's we're back to Rosa. The moles are back. Attention mall shoppers.

Lauren Lieb (8m 40s):
Well, I'm really excited about the mall opening up just because it will really help our economy, but they also said that they have this new Merv filtering for AC.

Andrew Lieb (8m 49s):
So there's a rule. If you notice the malls didn't open and phase four, and what governor Cuomo said is he was going to study it and they made a requirement that you have to have this minimum efficiency reporting valve. That's Merv that's what's Lauren talking about on the filter and w really what are they saying? You need HEPA filters. Why? Because what did I just tell you about these aerosols? They're in the air and they stay in the air much longer than a particle, a droplet, and you need a filter. That's going to take it out. And I know this firsthand, how important these HEPA filters are. We have a house out East and we were having Lauren.

Andrew Lieb (9m 22s):
You could barely breathe. Don't you remember when you could barely breathe?

Lauren Lieb (9m 24s):
Oh yeah. I was getting tested for allergies all the time and nobody could figure out what it was, but it was the actual filter for the AC unit.

Andrew Lieb (9m 32s):
And so we've changed the filter. It changed everything. So it's not an onerous thing. You just gotta have the right filters to be able to have the place. So what do we got here? The malls are open. Where in phase four, New York, city's opening up. We're seeing people on the subway again, like the world is starting to happen. New York. What, how many did you see in Smithtown? Like, there's like, no, no cases. East Moriches, nothing like long Island is getting safe again. And I'm feeling safe. Just don't blow it for me. People. That's what I'm asking of you. And what I'm going to ask is just because it feels like it's getting safe again.

Andrew Lieb (10m 5s):
And I gotta tell you people like, well, if it's safe, why don't they know about the schools? We were actually in a debate with our friend the other day. Do you remember our friends over? And they were, they were like, one of my friends was like, it's so ridiculous that governor Cuomo can't tell us what's going to happen in the future. Do you remember that? The crystal ball, the crystal ball, he, why, why he did it take so long? Why is every order? Every 30 days? Why do they keep it saying that, Hey, why does he keep revisiting things every 30 days? And he, I mean, whenever, wonder why governor Cuomo keeps saying 30 days, I'm gonna give you two reasons. Number one, I don't know about you, but I've never lived through a pandemic before.

Andrew Lieb (10m 39s):
Let's just go with that one. So it's right now, July. How do you know how it's going to be an August? Like if I told you that Florida, do you remember when Trump changed? He changed where the convention was going to be to Florida. Do you remember when he did that? And it was because he wanted to have a convention where everyone could go not wear masks. And at the time Florida was safe. The, what is the governor's DeSantis or somewhere like that, he was doing great. He was bragging all over the place. Now, Florida is the worldwide epicenter for COVID. So what is the point? What was two weeks ago?

Andrew Lieb (11m 10s):
Maybe quite different in two weeks, but here's the other thing. And I think this is important. Did you know that the governor's authority from the New York state Congress, as he can only make orders that are effective for 30 days? So how could he make an order for longer than 30 days? Think about that as we go into a break, we'll be right back. We're going to be discussing with you. What's going on based on COVID, how things are changing. One of five us adults have moved or knew someone that moved. We're going to talk about that. When we get back, stay tuned.

Andrew Lieb (11m 41s):
Have you ever dreamed of owning a rental property, opening a successful business, real estate investing.