Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb

7/19/20: Seg 3: Should Masks Be Required?

July 19, 2020 Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb / Eric Feil Season 1 Episode 85
Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb
7/19/20: Seg 3: Should Masks Be Required?
Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb
7/19/20: Seg 3: Should Masks Be Required?
Jul 19, 2020 Season 1 Episode 85
Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb / Eric Feil

Lauren, Andrew and Eric Feil take on Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia + Learn the new cool in the Hamptons 

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Lauren, Andrew and Eric Feil take on Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia + Learn the new cool in the Hamptons 

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Andrew Lieb (26s):
Welcome back. That was pretty cool because I had this issue. I was taking out some friends. We were going shopping. I don't know why I wasn't getting the brokerage commission. I felt like I was doing more than the broker, but I want a therapy commission. The broker did all the brokerage. That is true. It wasn't that we did the broker. She wrote these fabulous emails. I would recommend her to anyone. She's a great gal. The broker, we recommended her, but the people's emotional state because of this appraisal issue, they wanted to pay with cash, but they wanted to cash it out and be able to get, I don't know, 2.5%, like why wouldn't you want that free money from the bank?

Andrew Lieb (1m 2s):
But the concern was what would be their loan to value ratio? And I said, I don't know, I'm not a mortgage guy, but I have a friend named Jeff Petoskey and we're going to have him come on. And he's going to tell us, and what you just learned is it's not based on your bidding war today. It's about the appraised value on the most recent sales, Lauren was so smart. She pointed out that, Hey, it could be, it could be about yesterday's sale, but it's still about a sale, but here's the thing. Here's the thing. Everyone's escaping the city and they're escaping the city. I want to tell you why they're escaping the city.

Andrew Lieb (1m 32s):
I don't know if you read this nonsense, Lauren, but I was reading in Gothamist. We all want to pretend this isn't happening. Mass free pandemic parties are popping up in New York city. I'd escaped the city too. They are intentionally having parties without masks in New York city. Crazy. I just, I get sad that we live in a world where people could do that. It's crazy. They were, they did this whole thing about certain hotels hosting them and what they're seeing Lauren infection rates of people between the ages of 20 and 29, nearly doubled in the last month.

Andrew Lieb (2m 6s):
Guys, you just graduated college or high school at least like what's wrong with you were a mess. I was talking to a doctor that I know the other day. And he said, it's wild. How we don't have COVID outbreaks in the hospital. Want to know why everyone wears a mask? And then he got these idiots. I don't know if you saw this Lauren a rock festival that was originally called her to immunity. They were going to have this rocket festival in July and they had this whole plan that they were going to have everyone get herd immunity. And I got something to say about this herd immunity. And I'm going to thank my Republican governor of Mississippi.

Andrew Lieb (2m 39s):
Have you guys read this governor Tate Reevis. He he's worth following this guy is smart. He just showed. There's an article about him in CNN. And he goes, I'm not I'm paraphrasing, but he goes, I'm not a doctor, but I understand statistics. I think he's an economist or something like that, but he understands statistics and he broke down impossible. It is to get herd immunity from letting mass people get infection. Like, I don't know if you remember in chicken pox, we all had chicken pox parties. When we were kids before there was a chicken pox vaccine, I got scars all over my farm.

Andrew Lieb (3m 12s):
Do you know how many times my mom said to me, I hate your chicken pox scars. I'm like, what do you want me to do about it? She's like, why just scratch yourself. Like you remember the oatmeal. Do you remember the oatmeal Bassett? Anyway, so this guy from Mississippi, he's a smart guy. And he shows us, he says, to get her to immunity, the scientists say you need to have 70 to 80% of the population get COVID that presupposes the fact that you're going to be able to keep that presupposes. The fact that you're gonna be able to keep the antibodies, which there's plenty of studies that say it dissipates, and you could get it a second time after three weeks.

Andrew Lieb (3m 45s):
Let's just forget that for a second. He goes, assuming they're wrong, the scientists and assuming that it's not 70 to 80%, but only 40%. He goes right now there's 36,000 approximate cases in Mississippi. They would need 1.2 million to get to 40%. He goes, that means for the next year, we would need to have three times our worst day, every day. He's like, it's impossible. These people that are going for herd immunity are just so cockamamie. And I will have a person that he's he's on my death list.

Andrew Lieb (4m 16s):
My enemy list. My, my I'm so angry at this guy. I don't know if you saw the Georgia governor, Brian Kemp. He just created a law that local localities States, counties, municipal laws. They can't require a mask. I'm just pausing for a second. Just I want to say this again. The Georgia governor just said that they can't re what, excuse me. What? Why can't you requirements? It's not so hard.

Andrew Lieb (4m 46s):
We already had a segment about how we're going to create innovative mass to wax the ladies mustaches. Brian, you don't have to worry about all the money. I think maybe as concerned, no stash. I think he's concerned that what's going to happen is he's going to meet a lady. They're going to take the mask off and there's going to be a lady stash. Brian, we can still wax the mustaches underneath it's Brian. I'm very concerned about you because you got to listen to your buddy. The other Republican over a Mississippi who sang listen, w you know what he says, I'm going to give you the quote.

Andrew Lieb (5m 16s):
It seems like mass are the best bet. There are a hell of a lot better than widespread shutdowns. Please wear one. I'm loving this guy from Mississippi, because as I've told you, I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican. I'm a business person. And I hate business. Shut down. I'm morally against business shutdown. Let's keep the businesses open. So I have something pretty cool for you because masks are cool. I have calling in right now, our friend Eric file over a fantastic Hamptons. And he's going to tell you how master cool in the past tense. Hold on, let me get him real estate investing with Andrew

2 (5m 49s):
Presents Dan tastic Hamptons with Eric Feil.

Andrew Lieb (5m 55s):
So I've got Eric on the line now. And I gotta tell you this, Brian Kemp in saying no mass. I don't understand. Maybe Brian, maybe the issue is not that we have to be angry at you or mad at you. Maybe it's because you need to pick up your own Dan's papers. Because if you read Brian Brian camp in Georgia, if you were to read Dan's papers, you'd learn that master. Cool. And Dan's papers is cool. I got Eric file. Tell me about why mass are cool.

Eric Feil (6m 19s):
Let me tell you what's amazing about math because they have very quickly become not only an essential way to be able to go out in public and keep everybody safe, but they become a way to express yourself. You see they're being designed now with messages on the front with beautiful artworks rang them. So this has become a statement out on the East end here in the Hamptons. East end cares, which is this incredible volunteer group. They have just launched a campaign with a world renowned photographer. Who's going around. His name is John Darr. He's taking pictures of people with their masks on the beaches here and putting them out in a campaign.

Eric Feil (6m 53s):
This guy has shot for Esquire for time magazine. So if you are, you know, down there, one of the governors is thinking you shouldn't wear a mask. Well, then you're not going to be part of this cool campaign. You're not going to be in all the storefronts in the Hamptons. You're not going to be in Dan's papers because this guy is photographing them, putting them out there. And he's showing these are people wearing masks. And this is what looks cool out on the East end. And what is cool is that it's going to help us move forward through all this and kind of get ourselves to the other side of this COVID situation.

Andrew Lieb (7m 18s):
And you know what Eric, it says in your article, I was reading this. I can get posters that we can display in storefronts, and you could show you care. And I think that Brian Kemp, governor Brian Kemp of Georgia, we want to invite you, Eric. And I, we want to invite you to the Hampton so we could take a picture of you with a mask. We're going to bring John in. And I want a poster of, once you speak to your buddy, the governor Tate Reavis in Mississippi, he'll show you that you two together should be wearing masks because mess as Tate told us is the best way to avoid widespread shutdowns and Eric and I don't want any shutdowns.

Andrew Lieb (7m 50s):
So I'm going to tell you why, because Eric is telling me about this union steak and sushi. That's opening a South Hampton and I'm salivating. Eric, tell me about this.

Eric Feil (7m 59s):
Oh my goodness. Let me tell you if I could eat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I would eat here. So they just opened this past week. It is called union steak and sushi. They are the people who bring us South Hampton, social club, union burger bar, and Duke chef Scott camp. These guys are incredible. Not only do they do incredible food, they do incredible service. So South Hampton had lacked a truly great scape house experience, a truly great sushi experience.

Eric Feil (8m 31s):
These guys did. It was a big problem. It's what they've done there. Those of you who are familiar with it, they took the union Cantina space, which is a great Mexican place. Upfront converted into burger bar. Burger bar is phenomenal. I mean, they wouldn't Dan's best of the best. The burgers are off the charts there.

Andrew Lieb (8m 48s):
So everyone knows that's the South Hampton public

Eric Feil (8m 50s):
Southampton public house, correct in Boden square, beautiful location, they have of outdoor seating. So this is how they've opened. So it is safe. It is secure and make sure everything is done perfectly. That's why, you know, he's one of the leaders, not only in the restaurant and hospitality industry, but just in South Hampton and East end in general, for us making our community great and successful. So you want a great, great experience. You can get lobster cocktail, they've got crab cocktail, sushi rolls. You know, you've got your traditional, you've got your fluke, your secrets.

Eric Feil (9m 21s):
And then they've got something called the union role. Listen to this lobster and avocado topped with marinaded.

Andrew Lieb (9m 28s):
Oh, you're naughty. Eric, can I ask you a question, Eric? I have a question. I hear these other radio hosts. They have these restaurants give them samples while they're talking. Next time we do this, you and I have to feast together. Like how do we just talk about this food without salivating at the same time we're going to call Ian you and I. And we're going to, this is important stuff, because I want you to know that I need to have a full stomach when I'm going around the Hamptons, because there's a lot to do these days. There's art galleries everywhere. There's I know you can't have more than 50 people, but they found solutions.

Andrew Lieb (10m 1s):
Have you seen this young dancers dancing exhibit so cool.

Eric Feil (10m 5s):
That's exactly right. The art gallery has done an incredible, incredible job of making sure that people can be exposed to art. Every, every level, whether it's high end, someone like Roscoe that you want to go see, or like I said, is young people dancing, whatever the opportunity is, they're either doing private tours in their gallery, or they're still doing virtual tour, their outdoor exhibitions because the arts have been so important to creative outlet. Whether you are an artist or even someone who's just looking at it and appreciating what people are doing now and giving you another perspective of the world and incredibly important during the pandemic.

Eric Feil (10m 38s):
So all of these places, you know, whether it's the Tripoli gallery and Wayne Scott, you know, they're doing this great eight week program anywhere you want to go out there. Now you go to dance, You can read about the art galleries and the art installations and where you can go see them safely and really dive back into some great Eastern culture. That's always part of summer,

Andrew Lieb (10m 57s):
Eric. It's just, I can't stop. I was listening, but I'm thinking about the skirt steak on top. It's just like, mm. I want to thank Eric file and Dentastix Hamptons for showing me what cool is. And together we're going to change governor Brian Kemp's mind that you got to wear a mask. You got to go to this great new restaurant. You got to go to the art exhibits. Eric file. Thank you so much. Let's stay cool. Thanks for joining us for Dan

Eric Feil (11m 22s):

Andrew Lieb (11m 28s):
After the break, Lauren, I'm gonna, I want to talk to you about how Brian camp is going to be able to buy alcohol by dressing up as an old nanny, if he starts wearing masks. Because I think that there's this thing going on and we're going to talk about, stay with us. We'll be right back

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