Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb

7/26/20: Seg 1: School... Work... Parenting... Ideas

July 26, 2020 Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb Season 1 Episode 87
Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb
7/26/20: Seg 1: School... Work... Parenting... Ideas
Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb
7/26/20: Seg 1: School... Work... Parenting... Ideas
Jul 26, 2020 Season 1 Episode 87
Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb

Without school opening - how you can work and teach your kids simultaneously. 

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Without school opening - how you can work and teach your kids simultaneously. 

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This is real estate investing with Andrew Lieb.

Andrew Lieb (41s):
Yeah, I'm at a Trump rally right now. Yay. Go, Trump, go. Trump. Did you see what he said? Lauren, I'm loving this Trump this week. You know what the Trump's said? Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact. Trump has done a one 80. He is now on team mask. And as I've told you before, as I've told you before, I'm not Republican, I'm not Democrat. I'm pro business. And when you don't wear your mask, you're spreading the disease. And when they're spreading the disease, you're shutting down my business.

Andrew Lieb (1m 12s):
So I hate you. So going back to last week, we were having a little chat about our governor camp. Do you remember governor camp? I think maybe this is why Trump did what we want them to do. We were telling governor Kemp that he's gotta be like his buddy governor Tate Reavis, both Republicans, Tate Reavis from the beginning has been saying where the myths dummy. He didn't just say dummy, but that's what he said. He's aware of meth, but this Kemp guy in Georgia, he is so anti mass, that he has a lawsuit with the mayor of Atlanta. And he's making laws that you can't make laws about masks.

Andrew Lieb (1m 44s):
So I suggested I had my buddy Eric file from the CEO of Dan's papers. You know, he gives us the fantastic Hamptons update. They were telling us about these great artists. That's going around, taking pictures of people, wearing masks and Eric and I invited governor Kemp to come and get his picture taken in the Hamptons. And everyone knows that the Hamptons is the best place in the world. Governor, where are you picture taken with the mask with the mask? And I even suggested to him, maybe he was a transsexual and that they were do no seriously. I said, it's true. I said, I said that maybe he is a transsexual.

Andrew Lieb (2m 14s):
And I said to him that, Hey, you know what I said, did you see these gals on tic talk that are dressing up as old grantings so they can go get themselves fake ID? I said, this is your chance. If you're a transsexual, I said, Hey, you could, you know what you could do. You could dress up with a mask on and people won't see you. That's the governor. So I wonder if president Trump is thinking to himself, I can go now be a transsexual to it. And I could wear the mask to cover myself up. This is our chance to be in drag and not be called out. Andrew Lee reporting the news.

Andrew Lieb (2m 45s):
Well, no, I'm going to give you the news because I get most of my news from TMZ. Lord. I do Canada. No, no TMZ. And in the U S they're reporting from Canada. But if you don't know, TMZ is where you'll learn all you need to know, because right now the Kardashians having a very big deal. Do you know about this? Kane is having a meltdown. I'm telling you what's going on. So Kim has banned them from filming. Keeping up with the Kardashians are bow cane because they don't want to have the kids exposed to his bipolar. I know lots of stuff from the news you have to read.

Andrew Lieb (3m 15s):
So anyway,

Lauren Lieb (3m 16s):
TMZ is peer reviewed, double study, double blind.

Andrew Lieb (3m 19s):
It's double blind drew studied. But anyway, here's what we got. TMZ is reporting that Canadian CDC. Here's what they're saying. And Trump, this is good for you, governor Kemp, this is good for you. They were talking about having the nookie. And they said the Canadian CDC, which I happen to think you got to go North when you have in the gnocchi. So I go to Canada. And what I learned is that if you wear a face covering or a mask, you're going to be protected from Corona while you're having the nookie. And this is very important, Lauren, because some people there's different participants in the Nokia.

Andrew Lieb (3m 50s):
I understand. And some work much harder than others and you get heavy breathing. And when you put in your heavy breathing, I think that it's important that you have a mask because otherwise you get a particles come out of your mouth and they say to wear a mask and you might be thinking to yourself, well, I don't need a mask because I stand far apart. How can you stand far apart? Well, CDC in Canada has a solution for that too. They say, if you don't want to wear a mask, you can use barriers like walls that allow for sexual contact, but prevent close face to face contact.

Andrew Lieb (4m 22s):
And then they give the example of glory, holes, glory, glory, hallelujah. That's all I'm trying to say. Is that stand at attention and saying, so here's the thing. If you're thinking about wearing a mask and you're debating, I just gave you some great advantages of where I miss you can. Number one, be have your picture taken in the Hamptons and we can make you famous. Number two, you can be like the granny dress-ups in talk and you could explore your transsexuality. Like you are you. This is options. Governor camp. You should think about this.

Andrew Lieb (4m 53s):
Or you can get heavy breathing with the gnocchi. Or we learned about glory hole. Like this is you gotta wear a mask wording, live news with Andrew Lee. I'm just telling you what I'm reading from the TMZ. And these people are very, very, very smart. And I know I'm going to tell you why you got gotta listen to the TMZ about this mask wearing Lauren. I'm like having a thing because you know, it's July right now. It's the end of July. And in July, July is a tough month for the parents. Why? Well, first of all, we started early this year, but it's and the kids thing, me nuts.

Andrew Lieb (5m 26s):
And I'm thinking to myself when school, when school, when school, when school, and I'm thinking to myself, if people don't start wearing these masks, remember I told you I'm not a Republican or Democrat on PO pro business. I'm first pro get my kids to go to school and I'll tell you why. When they're not at school, I can't go to business. So what you need to do is wear a mask to get my kids back at school.

Lauren Lieb (5m 49s):
Okay? So I just want to bring up the impossible situation of school. And every parent right now is struggling on this. Basically it's a lose, lose situation. Them both. There is no rapid testing. There is no safe vaccine. There is no safe treatment. And you're pretty much playing lotta with your life to send your children to school.

Andrew Lieb (6m 7s):
He says, it's so like, scientifically, I just want you to imagine them going. I go, go potty. I gotta go potty. I gotta go potty. And they're like, my son, he's six. He's going into second grade. His hands would be on every single thing and every single person and for the soap. Yeah. He actually sometimes puts on the water just so we think he's washing his hands and we gotta like spine. And we're like, you didn't wash your hands dude. And so it's like a Petri dish. Some and you go, well, maybe high school is different, but I'm thinking kindergarten. You know what they do to go to the bathroom. They line them up. What are they going to do? Line up six feet,

Lauren Lieb (6m 38s):
Double lines. It's just, you go to school. The teacher could get sick. The child could get sick. The parent of the child, the going to care of them,

Andrew Lieb (6m 45s):
The teachers, Lauren, the teacher's union, Florida's suing Florida and saying, we can't make us go back to school. This is a major, major, major problem. And then people will open, open, open. Do you see about that camp in Minnesota? Would they have 82 people and had to close get Corona?

Lauren Lieb (6m 59s):
It's asymptomatic people spread this and they don't even know they're spreading it. And before, you know, somebody can get can die and it's terrible. And the hospitals could just get overloaded. This is

Andrew Lieb (7m 8s):
So let's break this down into what really matters. So, so at the end of the day, whether the school is open or close, we're betting, they're not staying open. That's a starting place. Unless we get a vaccine. As you mentioned, there's no rapid test. There's no cure. There's no vaccine. There's. So here's the thing I'm torn because on the one note, I need my kids to go to school. Imagine us broadcasting and my kids. I have a one year old and six year old are. And they're like, my son starts telling you all, he'll grab the microphone. He'll tell you about Minecraft.

Andrew Lieb (7m 39s):
And I don't know if you read about this Lauren, but finally you can access the Minecraft world from the Minecraft homescreen. They couldn't find that world until last week. The sea, these are the types of things. You probably fascinating. So you can't work with your kids and we need the economy to keep going. That's on one note, on the other note, if the kids go and they go to school and they break out, have a breakout of Corona and then grandparents start dying and parents start getting sick. How is that good for the economy?

Lauren Lieb (8m 5s):
Bring it back to work. And then everybody at your office or your job get sick as well. I mean, this is really just a spiral of a very hard situation.

Andrew Lieb (8m 14s):
So we've been very lucky. We have grandma, Carla, she's like a superhero. I don't know if you all know, but grandma Carla,

Lauren Lieb (8m 21s):
Carla could get replicated and everybody can have grandma. Carla, the world would be a better place.

Andrew Lieb (8m 26s):
Here's what happened. We, we were freaking out at the beginning of this Corona because we run businesses and we got kids and they just closed the schools. And grandma Carlos swooped in, she she's a retired teacher and she goes, I don't care that they're not do you probably have this problem too? They didn't know how to get their act together at the school. So with e-learning and doing things on zoom and that's not their fault, they were like handed, reinvent how you've done everything start now. And so grandma Carla dusted off our books from the eighties. And she started teaching our son. It's like, he should, he was skipped previously, but it's like, he should be skipped again.

Andrew Lieb (8m 57s):
Now she's so good. Such a great teacher, but she's exhausted. She was been retired. How was she? So she said to us, we were having dinner this week. She dropped a bombshell on us and she goes, you need a break. I can't do it. So we're like, all right, we'll hire a nanny and we'll, we'll get someone or a teacher and we'll get someone to come do this. And she goes, Nope. She goes, if you hire someone else, then I'm out

Lauren Lieb (9m 20s):
In her defense. She does not want to get COVID no matter what. And I don't blame her, but here's the situation. I have a job. And my job is something that requires me to be available during the day.

Andrew Lieb (9m 32s):
But the thing is that like, we are in a bind because we need someone like a teach, not just a nanny, because nannies, they might be wonderful caring. They might be good with our one-year-old, but they don't know second grade science, like they don't know how to do our projects. It's hard to some nannies may do, but it's hard to find these people. So we were trying to supplement grandma Carlin, give her some days off and she goes, Nope, that's not happening. But I have good news. I was in the T-Mobile. I was getting my phone upgrade. I cracked it. I don't know if you've ever broke your phone, but I break my phone at least twice a year.

Andrew Lieb (10m 2s):
I don't know how it happens. And have you ever noticed when you're using the insurance, they ask you how you broke it. Like, if I was so conscious of how I broke it, I went to broke it. You stupid. So anyway, I get the new phone. I go and T-Mobile and unfortunately in T-Mobile they don't know how to transfer your stuff from the old phone to the new phone.

Lauren Lieb (10m 18s):
It's not necessarily T-Mobile sometimes people have an old phone, it just doesn't transfer.

Andrew Lieb (10m 22s):
It took like hours. And what kept happening is my opportunity to make a friend. What happened is my screen kept shutting off and she didn't know how to put the screen. It doesn't matter. So while I was doing, I was sitting there, I was, I talked to people, you know, radio personality and stuff. And so I was making friends with this lady. She had fabulous nails and I was like, I'm going to be her buddy. And so I started talking to her and it turns out she works at the school district. And I said to her about my predicament, what grandma, Carla, because I don't know what to do. Now. I'm like at a loss at this whole thing. And you know what she said to us, she said that

Lauren Lieb (10m 51s):
She said go to the colleges. There's a great teachers. None of the districts hired new teachers.

Andrew Lieb (10m 56s):
Well, hear that. She goes, I'm in hiring in elementary school and there's at least a hundred candidates that interviewed with us and none of them were hired. So she said that they were fabulous too. She's like they could take over for grandma Carla. So what we're going to do is we were actually getting booted off of the commercial. But after the break, I'm going to show you guys how you have to hire these people because I got news for you. They're going to be your employee. And I got this article in front of me from the law journal that says a business gets sued.

Andrew Lieb (11m 26s):
90% of businesses get sued while they're open. If you want to learn more about how current offense are affecting real estate and your business, you just got to go on social media, Atlas into leap. We'll be right back. Have you ever dreamed of owning a rental property opening a successful business, real estate investing.