Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb

8/2/20: Seg 1: Election Delays??? I think not! Welcome ACLU Attorney To Clarify

August 02, 2020 Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb / Perry Grossman Season 1 Episode 91
Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb
8/2/20: Seg 1: Election Delays??? I think not! Welcome ACLU Attorney To Clarify
Real Estate Investing with Andrew Lieb
8/2/20: Seg 1: Election Delays??? I think not! Welcome ACLU Attorney To Clarify
Aug 02, 2020 Season 1 Episode 91
Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb / Perry Grossman

Why are absentee ballots good and mail-in voting bad (as per Trump) - we find out from a Voting Rights Attorney at the ACLU

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Why are absentee ballots good and mail-in voting bad (as per Trump) - we find out from a Voting Rights Attorney at the ACLU

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This is real estate investing with Andrew Lieb. Welcome

Andrew Lieb (42s):
It starts off. I don't know if you heard this first and it was like in a microcosm. I think I, my lunch came up. I hear second quarter GDP plunged the worst ever 32.9% worse, worse than the great depression, but you didn't have a second, a second to digest that you didn't get a second to think about how that's going to affect the foreclosure tsunami that we were talking about.

Andrew Lieb (1m 13s):
You didn't get a second to think about the small mom and pop businesses because the master of distraction came to town. This guy is the best marketer I've ever seen in my life. A lot of you are like political and you're like, go Republicans, go Democrats. I went to business school like Kelly. And I think this guy is just like, we're in media. You got to learn a thing from him. Here's what the Trump does. Right? He sends this tweet. He writes with universal mail and voting, not absentee voting, which is good.

Andrew Lieb (1m 43s):
I'm not sure really what the difference is. 2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history will be a great embarrassment to the USA delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. And with that tweet, everyone forgot. There was a GDP worse than the great depression this guy. So now we have to give him service and we have to say to ourselves because I am a lawyer and I hear the president saying to themselves, Hey, we're not having an election.

Andrew Lieb (2m 13s):
And I don't know if you're familiar with investments, how investments work. But when an election year is coming, there is all this, this anx anxiety about the market. The market doesn't know what to do because there's going to be different regulations. And he just stirred the pot right there. So I said to myself, I went to racket Lake boys, camp. Lauren, did you go to racket Lake boys get no, because you're a girl. We didn't allow girls. Oh yeah, no, you wish you were across the Lake. So I knew about the spirit of racket and you know what you do when you were a camper, you call a Perry Grossman.

Andrew Lieb (2m 45s):
And I know this guy, Perry Grossman from camp, first of all, the best soccer player you ever met, but Perry Grossman, he became someone, you know, some of us become schleps when you know kids from when you're under 10, he is working with the ACO, you and you know what he does. He works for the rights project. And he's been at the front line about this voting. And Trump says in this thing, he says that Malin voting, not absentee voting is the most inaccurate and fraudulent. I don't understand the difference. So Perry Grossman, you're on the air with us telling me what I'm talking about because I don't get it.

Perry Grossman (3m 17s):
Hi Andrew, a pleasure to talk to you. I don't get it either because there's no difference between the absentee voting and, and voting. Except I think the president seems to understand that absentee voting is done by Republicans and male and voting is done by Democrats. And he preferred at Democrats not vote

Andrew Lieb (3m 32s):
Well clear. I just want to be crystal clear, absentee voting and male and voting are exactly the same thing.

Perry Grossman (3m 38s):
They're, they're exactly the same thing. The only thing we could possibly talk about with respect to a difference is he referred to universal male and voting universal melon voting is where instead of people going to the polls or applying for absentee ballots, every voter, every registered voter is sent an absentee ballot directly. And they can either put it in the mail or they can go put it in a Dropbox. And there's only, I think five States that do that. But one of them is of course, the very, very Republican state of Utah, none of these States have seen high levels of fraud.

Perry Grossman (4m 8s):
In fact, I think it's something like six, 10 thousands of a percent of, of mail in ballots over the last 20 years.

Andrew Lieb (4m 15s):
I just want to cut you off period, because I'm hearing, I'm hearing you say Utah, and I'm thinking to myself, Utah, like this is the Mormon state. This is, I don't know. They don't even have the full, the full alcohol content in their beer in Utah. Like this place is, is conservative. Conservative. You wrote an article about this and you actually mentioned this. I don't know if everyone knows, but Perry is a famous guy. He writes for sleep and insulate. He wrote this article bill Barr's strategy to undermine confidence in the 2020 election. You wrote this back in June, you knew this was coming and you spoke about Utah back then too.

Andrew Lieb (4m 47s):
You said this conservative state of Utah, one of the five States that does this and you're telling me there's no,

Perry Grossman (4m 53s):
There's no problems at all. This is a perfectly good way of running elections. The States that run mail and elections actually have pretty high turnout and it's not a Democrat or Republican thing. We're Democrats and Republicans tend to vote by mail in roughly the same numbers. Didn't Trump.

Andrew Lieb (5m 7s):
Didn't Trump. I just want to understand, because I do what the Trump does. He, like he said, he's not getting that, that test because it goes up the nose and he doesn't want to get, and it hurts him. And he's a tough guy. So I say to myself, didn't Trump do the mail in voting.

Perry Grossman (5m 19s):
I thought I heard, I think Trump did the mail voting and Trump may have actually committed voter fraud because I think he said he was voting by mail in Florida, but then he actually lived in Manhattan

Andrew Lieb (5m 31s):
Story for another day. That's way too much for me,

Perry Grossman (5m 33s):
But for the president and a lot of high ranking white house officials are perfectly comfortable voting by mail and you should be too. The only recommendation I'd make is that apply for your absentee ballot early and mail it in.

Andrew Lieb (5m 44s):
I want to talk about that. You just said that. And I read that the post office tells you that you have to do it at least a week early because I'm hearing that there's fraud. What happens with the postmark? People are changing the postmark date. I'm scared, perish are people going change the postmark date? Is there someone at the post office that's going to change the date and make it no good.

Perry Grossman (6m 2s):
No, no. Your mailing ballot is absolutely fine. The only problem is we're going to see are because the post office is overworked and underfunded. The Trump administration right now is doing its best to really put the, put the post office, you know, on its, on its heels and

Andrew Lieb (6m 18s):
Well that's because they work with Amazon, you know, and Amazon, it's definitely Bezos. Bezos is behind all of this all hell Bezos. And here's the thing though. I'm seeing that there's issues with ms. Sorted mail. How, if they didn't sort my mail, right. Perry. That's where, because there's someone there from the Democrats. That's what I heard. And they're going to sort the mail and the Democrat male, you know, that you put the stamp on an angle, so they'll know right away. And that's going to be the one that they don't. Why aren't I afraid of that?

Perry Grossman (6m 44s):
Yeah, because all of that is, is it's that it's thinks about as much as the back end of a horse. And I would tell you that you're absolutely fine putting your pallet in the mail. The only thing you should be concerned about with respect to mail and voting is do your best to mail your ballot in early people might postmark it. They might not overwhelmingly they're going to, but we saw in some elections in Brooklyn, they missed the postmark or the post markets and a little bit late. Sometimes we're working on that right now. There's actually litigation at the moment in front of judge Torres and Southern district of New York.

Perry Grossman (7m 15s):
But for, for the, for the voters out there, you know, just mail your ballot. And as soon as you can, and that way you can have confidence that it's going to get there on time and you're going to help out the poll workers on election day, you're gonna help out the people, counting the ballots by getting your things in early and without question.

Andrew Lieb (7m 31s):
So I want to get into how we're going to get our ballots and everything else. But I have to tell you that I was on the Facebook yesterday and I get all of my valuable information from the Facebook. And I read that there's going to be foreign governments that are putting in fake ballots into this thing. When we have the mail and voting. And I think the Chinese, you know, they already sent us this virus. So what Trump called the Kung, whatever Kung Fu schmoo. I don't know. I'm, I'm very afraid that the Chinese are infiltrating. How come I don't have to be afraid of the Chinese. They're very sneaky people. Do. Do you know that if they were to work with the Japanese, they can get the ninjas out.

Andrew Lieb (8m 4s):
It's a whole to do.

Perry Grossman (8m 5s):
Yeah. I mean, this is, this is such a complete nonsense theory and essay Trump, Trump and bill BARR have just been throwing out nonsense theories to try and undermine your confidence in the elections. The fact is in every state we have election officials, Democrats, Republicans.

Andrew Lieb (8m 21s):
You brought that up Perry because bill BARR told me about these vote protectors, because I think that if people go into person in person, there's going to be a vote protector. I went to these voting boosts and they're very scary. Grandma's there that are checking me out. Why am I not? Why are these people not necessary? Don't we have all these vote protectors when we go in person.

Perry Grossman (8m 41s):
Well, you might not see vocal totals in uni. There's certainly scary grandmas in your neighborhood and model. We live in pretty, pretty nice neighborhoods, pretty white neighborhoods, pretty affluent neighborhoods, but bill BARR and the folks from the Republican national committee back in the 1980s used to send these vote protectors, whether it's law enforcement, retired military with ballot security armbands on there, and they were out there intimidating minority voters. You know, this is a form of voter suppression. This is a form of voter intimidation. We should be looking out for it. We shouldn't be tolerating it, but you know, there is no real threat to elections.

Perry Grossman (9m 15s):
Trump is out there because he is terrified of losing that. He doesn't want a legitimate election to undermine whatever it is. He's,

Andrew Lieb (9m 24s):
Let's talk, Trump let's talk Trump because I know that he wants that. And I want to make sure that because he's going to change the election, he goes, they want to delay that election. And he said, when somebody is the president of the United States, and I know he's the president, when somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total. And that's the way it's going to be. It's total. So if he has total authority, why can't he just delay this election? Yeah, he definitely doesn't have total authority reset it though.

Perry Grossman (9m 50s):
Yeah. He said, he says a lot of things. I've got the constitution covered a cover more than a few times, and I'm not sure what document he's looking at.

Andrew Lieb (9m 57s):
So who has power? Who does this election stuff?

Perry Grossman (9m 60s):
Yeah. It's Congress. It's Congress. That's the constitution. So if we were to move the election, it would take an act of Congress to move it off the first Tuesday in November. And that is Nancy would have to agree. Nancy would have to agree.

Andrew Lieb (10m 14s):
You'd have to agree with Mitch. And they're not buddies, Mitch and Nancy,

Perry Grossman (10m 17s):
Mitch, Nancy, and Donald would all have to agree. And they are not buddies.

Andrew Lieb (10m 22s):
Even if Mitch and Donald agree, Nancy, and you could like her, you could dislike her. You could like Mitch, you could dislike them. I don't care. These people aren't having supper together. Like I'm not seeing them agreeing to change anything. Do we agree with that?

Perry Grossman (10m 33s):
Yeah, we don't agree with that. And the fact is Mitch, by the way, pointed out that we had elections during the civil war, we had elections during world war II. We had elections during the great depression.

Andrew Lieb (10m 44s):
You said that. And I want to point out that I read that this Malin balloting has been happening since the civil war. So what I'd like you to do to wrap this up, because I think it's important to get out the vote. And that's why I have my friend Perry Grossman, a top attorney. He's at the New York CLU, which is a division of the ECLU. He writes for slate. Tell people how to go vote. Tell him how to get this registration.

Perry Grossman (11m 5s):
Yeah, you can hop online, go Google your board of elections. You can actually apply for your absentee ballot. By email. You can call up your board of elections to request your absentee ballot and fill it out, mail it in as soon as possible. You'll be good to go. And if you want to vote in person, I strongly recommend voting early. You'll have nine days before election day to go do it. It'll be big places, clean, easy in and out. Lots of parking. So strongly recommend vote, absentee voter early and

Andrew Lieb (11m 33s):
Out that vote everyone and wear a mask. Thanks so much Perry. We'll be back after the commercial, talking about some real estate issues.

Perry Grossman (11m 41s):