Unmasking the Media: A Deep Dive into Florida's Landmark Medical Freedom Law

May 12, 2023 Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb / Mordy Yankovich Season 2 Episode 83
Unmasking the Media: A Deep Dive into Florida's Landmark Medical Freedom Law
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Unmasking the Media: A Deep Dive into Florida's Landmark Medical Freedom Law
May 12, 2023 Season 2 Episode 83
Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb / Mordy Yankovich

On this week's episode of The Lieb Cast, we explore the intricacies of recent headlines, shedding light on the truth beyond the media's narrative.

We kick off the show by delving into the verdict in E. Jean Carroll's civil case against Donald Trump, the implications of the ongoing Writers Strike, and the tragic manslaughter case involving Jordan Neely. 

Finally, we do a deep dive into Florida's latest law, hailed as the nation's strongest legislation for medical freedom. We examine the actual language of the bill, cutting through the media headlines and talking points to dissect its true implications. We also offer our perspective on Governor Ron DeSantis's role in shaping this groundbreaking piece of legislation.

Join us on The Lieb Cast for an episode packed with insightful analysis, balanced perspectives, and engaging discussions. It's time to look beyond the headlines and understand the real stories that shape our world. 


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On this week's episode of The Lieb Cast, we explore the intricacies of recent headlines, shedding light on the truth beyond the media's narrative.

We kick off the show by delving into the verdict in E. Jean Carroll's civil case against Donald Trump, the implications of the ongoing Writers Strike, and the tragic manslaughter case involving Jordan Neely. 

Finally, we do a deep dive into Florida's latest law, hailed as the nation's strongest legislation for medical freedom. We examine the actual language of the bill, cutting through the media headlines and talking points to dissect its true implications. We also offer our perspective on Governor Ron DeSantis's role in shaping this groundbreaking piece of legislation.

Join us on The Lieb Cast for an episode packed with insightful analysis, balanced perspectives, and engaging discussions. It's time to look beyond the headlines and understand the real stories that shape our world. 


Andrew Lieb  0:00  
This is the Lieb cast, where we talk about how today's current events impact your real life if you are tired of politics or you are just exhausted from the spin this show is for you. My name is Andrew Lieb. And every week I host to talk radio show Breaking down the news. From an independent point of view. We discuss real estate, business and your health hear from the experts and learn the truth on the Lieb cast. Your personal coach and trusted attorney Andrew leap frog fraud a fraud a fraud? I I'm like really excited. It's Friday. It's been a week. It's been a lot going on. Yeah, doggy. A lot going on. We had the CNN Trump thing. Yeah, didn't watch that, did you? Nor did I, they got bad ratings. But and it's not that I didn't watch it. Because it's over 3 million people. Yeah, it was 3.1. And it was lower than the the Biden one and lower than a lot of these. So for everything's perspective, you know, but I didn't watch it because I try not to watch any of that crap. Just so we're clear. It's not because it was Trump. I want to watch DeSantis I want to watch Biden, I want to watch any of them because it's all fictitious. Like it's baloney. Like you have someone at a town hall.

Speaker 2  1:21  
And people just say whatever they want, they don't have to back it up. And it's just ridiculous, ridiculous, and

Andrew Lieb  1:25  
you can't, and then they're like, they talk about the host. And they're like, they did a good job. They did a bad job on their fact checking. But you even if you're a robot, you can't lie of fact check like that, like, AI? Well, you know, I think Alon mosque speaking of I agree with you. I think he's onto something with having Tucker bring a show to Twitter, because you can have the live commentary. And then the entire audience because it's interactive, can be fact checking, like AI, and I'm going to tell you something, and he can respond to it. Well, well, Tucker can Yeah, analog, because Alon can't help himself. He's got a new CEO, but he's going to be the NBC Universal lady. But he's going to be responding no matter what, because he can't help himself. But I think that's why he is against just you know, AI because he had this idea. I really, that's what I believe I can speak a lot. Here's his vision, he was going to create interactive TV on Twitter. That's why I bought Twitter in the first place. That's been his goal this entire time. He wants DOM Don Lemon, he wants talker. He wants all these shows, because he wants to take out Fox own MSNBC, CNN and he wants interactive TV. Ad but as Marty just said, oops, another company is going to do with AI, right? That's gonna do a better job fact checking and messing with people. And so

Speaker 2  2:47  
but with Tucker, and I haven't seen his non compete. But I imagine the reason why he went on Twitter, one of the reasons he's probably he probably has a strict non compete with Fox who can't go to any other network, but there's probably some sort of exclusion for his own social media pages.

Andrew Lieb  3:04  
100% agree. And I also think that the money is going to be more lucrative because for me to start a show on Twitter. I don't have the built in audience like I'm on TV, but I'm like an F level. He's like an A level. He has a built in following like 30 million views. Yeah. And on the first one, yeah. So that was one thing that was going on. And you talk about AI but I don't know if you notice there was a writer strike. And that was partially because of AI. They're afraid that the AI is coming. That happened this week. We have the MTV was MTV, the words Morty. Is that what it was this week? Oh, no, they they're not doing it. The host everyone's backing out of everything. Everyone's in the writers trying Yeah, because the writers need for an award show solidarity that all the people are scrapped.

Lauren Lieb  3:51  
You know, content.

Andrew Lieb  3:53  
Oh, no, it's not high. The

Unknown Speaker  3:54  
winner is

Andrew Lieb  3:55  
know what's happening. All the people in media trying to show solidarity and they're saying hey, the writers they're very important. We have to

Lauren Lieb  4:03  
actually say there is no show without the writers

Speaker 2  4:06  
write that for like a show like the MTV Movie Awards. What do you need writers for?

Andrew Lieb  4:11  
I don't know. But anyway, it's not even that it's what I'm saying to you is let's imagine there's no writers. Like I don't know if you saw that a lot of shows like SNL canceled, right? I think that daily show can't I think so. Like even if you have the actors and even if the actors were originally writers like a lot of these late night hosts come from the writers room. They're trying to show solidarity with the writer so

Speaker 2  4:35  
instead of saying I'm gonna step in and write the show, they're just not gonna work

Andrew Lieb  4:39  
yeah, I think so. But that was another thing of this week strike right? That was another thing that was this week's been a lot and so it's the strike you got you got the Santos man going to $500,000 bail with mortgage cracking up with 13 Just count indictment.

Unknown Speaker  4:56  
And the best can you do other than laugh with this guy?

Andrew Lieb  4:59  
Well, this is the best part. Did you see the guy that was going to do a documentary about him? And then Santos wanted money for the documentary and then what you shouldn't do when you're in Congress and the guy released some of the tapes and a one of the tapes is the best part, right? Morty. Santos says something like, Well, I'm not going to run for president yet because I have to clean up some things first.

Lauren Lieb  5:19  
Good luck with that

Unknown Speaker  5:20  
we'll be the first Jewish President.

Andrew Lieb  5:24  
Not if Bernie has anything. We had Carol V. Trump, this week, 5 million bucks, she wins. And then Trump goes on that CNN town hall. And now she's saying about suing them again, on the exact same thing because apparently he's he was said all this stuff didn't happen again.

Speaker 2  5:41  
So here's my question with that. So she, she's alleging she alleged that he raped her in Bergdorf. Right? Well, she's alleging more than that. But what she said happened was he took her into the dressing room, and he stuck his we into her her PP her vagina. She wasn't sure. She wasn't sure whether it was halfway or all the way in. Right.

Andrew Lieb  6:04  
But it might have been a small. I'm just saying I don't know. Or you could be big. Well, then. It might have been a quarter way more time. I don't know. I'm just trying to understand sighs

Speaker 2  6:14  
I'll leave you to this. So the jury, the jury found them not liable on the rape. That's an hour. Yeah.

Andrew Lieb  6:23  
So they didn't believe no, no, that's not what happened. What do you mean, these you use the word liable? They checked on? So the way the the verdict sheet was written? You know, so there's a charge and there's a verdict sheet. The verdict sheet says, Did this happen? Yes. No. Did this happen? Yes. No. And then it usually says on like, let's assume it's a negligence case. Was there a duty for blah, blah, blah, not to do it? Yes. Now, if no case is over? If yes, then say, did they breach the duty following? The way this verdict sheet was written? Is there was alternatives before you got to the next one? So it said, did he rape her? Yes, no. Did he? I'm paraphrasing. Did he force? Did he forcibly touch her? Yes. Now, or in the disjunctive. So they did not find that he raped, but it gave a disjunctive of other categories that could happen. So it's not that they didn't find him liable on rape, rape was never before them. It was one of the ways that he could have forcibly touched her because just to be clear, the case with sexual battery not rape, there is no such thing as civil rape. Like we don't have a civil rape in the state of New York like so. I think the the verdict sheet and the way it was done was flawed in the first place. Yeah, I got it.

Speaker 2  7:38  
Right. Yeah, no, I, my point is, if they believed her story, then that's rape.

Andrew Lieb  7:44  
I think that there is no civil rape. So let's start off with that. I've never ever in my entire life seen a civil cause of action for rape. I don't think the jury the sheet, the verdict sheet should have said the word rape. I think as you know, morning, I think as you know, that there's always a fight about a verdict sheet, right? Yeah, always. And what happens is the plaintiff wants one verdict sheet, the defendant and they fight over commas and words and the judge rules, how the verdict sheet happens. And I think that if the judge without plaintiff and defendants input was writing a verdict sheet, the word rape has no business in there whatsoever. But I think the Trump team wanted the word rape in there, because then they could say, as you just said, you didn't say you said inverse, but she found he didn't rape her. And this was a big win for that. I mean, spin but but to be clear, rape is a conclusion like if you were doing rape as a criminal case, there's elements of rape. So on a verdict sheet, it would have had like three elements. Did this happen? Did this happen? Did this happen? He just said on the verge. He did he raper as the conclusion acted as a child No. But it said or did he forcibly touch? My point to you is that the word rape is conclusory in the first place, the jury doesn't have the legal knowledge to know if a rape happened secondarily. Third of all, even if he did rape her there is no civil cause of action for rape. And I think that Carol also want to rape not just the Trump team in there, because it was something that tangible is a good talking point. I think it was a fail by the court not a fail in a appealable matter of fail by the court overall. Because heads no business again, everyone's saying he sexually abused her. That's what the finding was. There's also no civil case for sexual abuse. It's sexual battery. Anyway. Well, there's another thing extremely wacky. I'm gonna go there, but let me give you just I'm there. I get what you're saying. Do you see her? She's super she's 79. Right. She's 79 She's doing this case right now. I don't understand. Like she says the greatest day of her life when she won. I got to tell you I'm not I've never been a rape victim, or sexual abuse victim or defamation victim or whatever else she's alleging. But if I was 79, and my life expectancy was under 25 years, let's assume that's what we're saying. And technically a woman's life expectancy is about 79. Right? Isn't it is something like something like that 76 And we'll change as Lauren as you get older, like, if you break age, your life expectancy goes up. But this is the last thing I would be doing. Anyway, but I'm not there yet. We had Carol versus Trump. We had the subway manslaughter guy, that he choked the guy to death. And after 15 minutes, and and and I'm getting emails that are just off the charts from people. I said, I was on TV, right. I'm on TV. And I said something along the lines that it is recklessness, without a shadow of a doubt, recklessness, meeting, a known appreciation of a danger and not taking steps to mitigate the danger, right. So I said on TV, it's certainly reckless for someone who's trained as a warrior or a Marine. To hold someone in a chokehold for 15 minutes.

Speaker 2  11:17  
I think you could argue it's intentional, maybe, and it doesn't take that guy's a big guy in a train marine effort. Two minutes, that guy's unconscious, probably knows 45 ways. That guy was probably unconscious after 60 seconds, we're gonna say

Lauren Lieb  11:31  
learn. He probably knows 40 ways to get somebody stabilized, and I'll have to kill them. But he chose to do it that way.

Unknown Speaker  11:38  
Right? And 15 minutes.

Andrew Lieb  11:39  
Yeah. And so someone came at me and they were like, if your parent or your sibling, you'd be hiding under a table and you're a jerk and they start cursing at me, they find me online like Carson, me. My only point to you is I'm not telling you he's going to lose a manslaughter to charge of up to 15 years in jail. But I'm telling you, if you want to know the bullseye, a bull's eye and Morty, I get your point you could have said it was murder and test everything else. Lauren, your point is well taken, which is what I said that he could have put them in an arm lock, he knows how to do that. Like there was other options. My point also was that we didn't hear anything about the guy. This this guy that this guy that died this subway guy this, this Neely that he died, and he had a knife or a gun or put anyone an apprehension of death. Daniel Penny therefore wouldn't have a self defense or justification claim. But we didn't see the whole video because it was only the end it didn't start at the beginning more could come out. I'm not saying they started the video into it some way morning.

Speaker 2  12:38  
Well, I don't think they would have charged in this the video because I'm assuming they saw the complete video before they

Andrew Lieb  12:43  
turn it all I'm saying is the video doesn't cover the whole event. Meaning there was no video so it's online now as the full video is a full video, but there might have been something like we don't know what. Someone started. Someone started videoing once they were already having fisticuffs. Yeah.

Speaker 2  12:59  
If the guy went up to somebody in the subway with a knife. Yeah, then it's just not him. Yeah, might be justified for the neck, I still don't think it's justified to hold him in a chokehold after he's unconscious.

Andrew Lieb  13:11  
That's exactly so we're talking the same. And then there was one other thing that happened Ron DeSantis, he on his website has the strongest legislation in the nation for medical freedom. And I'm most interested in this part of it, because there's a bunch of different laws, the broadest medical conscious protections in the US, which he includes the right to opt out of participation in or payment for certain health care services based on conscious based objections. And Lauren, you've been telling about this for a while,

Lauren Lieb  13:44  
this is a very slippery slope. And it actually freaks me out. Because I think about my, my, my head goes dark to like the Holocaust. And what happens when certain leaders get involved and decide who to care for and who not to care for that they can cherry pick that and it's just the beginning of what could be a disaster. So what he's basically saying is that doctors can have the medical freedom of choice to treat or not to treat a patient. And if they choose to note, what happens if somebody don't want to have like, full attitude. Yeah.

Andrew Lieb  14:18  
So anyway, here's the thing. We have the show, we're about 30 minutes, and we do about a 30 minute show. And I have 12345 Huge topics, and there's no way we can go into depth on any of them without with all of them. We could pick one. And so I want to go over the topics. We have Carol and her 5 million bucks and Trump going back on CNN and maybe another one. We got the subway guy in the chokehold. We got George Santos, President George, we got writer's strike in AI, and then we got DeSantis and Morty I normally like to look to you, because I like your idea. So Have what we should do you you. You have the ear for the audience, you know what they want to know I do more. He's a man of the people people. But Morty, it's not Father's Day. It's Mother's Day this weekend. And Lauren's a mommy. So mommy, Laura, how

Unknown Speaker  15:14  
do you identify as a father? Well,

Andrew Lieb  15:17  
today today, I don't know what you've done fine. But on a Sunday, I'm a mother. That's it. I'm saying. I've already called your wife and I told her that you've actually not this is how powerful Morty is. He not only is able to identify himself, but he could identify those around him.

Speaker 2  15:32  
I'm changing my pronouns when I get to my desk just for Sunday. It's being chained.

Andrew Lieb  15:36  
And during breakfast, Tiffany's going to become the father so Morty gets breakfast in bed.

Lauren Lieb  15:43  
Okay, well, I'm the mom today.

Andrew Lieb  15:45  
So what do you want to do? Do you want to do President Santos mom today's meaningless? Yeah.

Lauren Lieb  15:49  
Well, it's picking the topic for the podcast,

Andrew Lieb  15:51  
President Santos. I'm Carol Trump, subway manslaughter DeSantis writer's strike, which one's for you law?

Lauren Lieb  16:00  
I think I have to go back to where I was rudely interrupted before. And it's DeSantis. It's it is the medical freedom topic that I think has to be really flushed out because I don't think that people are understanding what the magnitude of this could be. And it really bothering Well,

Andrew Lieb  16:18  
I want to start with why is it bothering you?

Lauren Lieb  16:21  
It's bothering me because I believe in a world where if you are sick, no matter who you are, no matter what color you are, no matter what religion, you are, no matter what sexual, if you are a living human being, you know, tadpoles, well, you know, tadpoles is living fine. So that would still be your biologic. You should have the right

Speaker 2  16:42  
to be treated. But under that law, if a doctor selective based on race, that wouldn't violate the law.

Andrew Lieb  16:48  
So I actually want to read the law, because I figured we were gonna do this. Yes. And because I knew Lauren's been uppity about this, and it's Senate Bill 1580. If you want to follow along with me, in your home, searching the bills. And I want to preface what I'm about to say with there is a slippery slope. Florida has not been a place I even want to visit.

Lauren Lieb  17:10  
If my kids aren't going to college there. Now.

Andrew Lieb  17:13  
I've told people family that it's time to think about leaving because of the types of laws and restrictions that are passed. So I want to preface this with that. That being said, Lauren, I think that DeSantis gets I want to tell you gets an accolade not for tribal politics. No, he gets an accolade not a demerit on this law. I want to tell you, I think he gets an accolade not a demerit on this law. And I think the media is treating him bad. They're treating them dirty. I think they're wrong. I think just to be clear, I think what DeSantis is doing with Disney, big fail, I think what DeSantis is doing was sexual orientation, educational classroom, big fail. I think what DeSantis is doing in so many different culture wars, big fail, big fail. I'm not a fan of what I've been seeing in the last six months in Florida. This one? I'm with DeSantis. I'm gonna tell you why. Okay, I'm gonna tell you why. Because it's very clear in this law, it's very, very clear. First of all, they're talking about what's called Conscious based objection, means an objection based on his sincerely held religious, moral, ethical belief. I liked that he adds the word ethical, I want to put that out there. Because a big concern and people don't understand when we talk about sincerely held religious beliefs, which is a misnomer, because it doesn't even have to be the what your organized religion believes. So I don't even like the term sincerely held religious belief in the first place in all discrimination law. It should always be an ethical belief, not a religious belief, because the law on the topic is that it could be your own personal belief, even if your your religion and your religious leaders disagree with it. It's an interesting morning, very interesting. And I think that's something people miss. But here's the part I want to go to. It says in subsection we go to the law, we go to the law, and we read this law. And there's a section one. I'm flipping through and flipping through and flipping through. And then there's this other sections, we got other sections and I want to start off with while we go over to the subsection B. It says the exercise of the right of medical conscious is limited to constitute conscious base objections. Here's the key words Morty to a specific health care service. That's the key word Lauren. That's what they're missing in the media and what you're missing. What it says is allows a health care provider or payer meaning the insurance company to opt out of providing health care services to any patient or potential patient because of that patients or potential patients. No it doesn't. Lauren, I want to read this again. Wait a second. Wait a second, Lauren,

Lauren Lieb  19:55  
your mind No, I'm

Andrew Lieb  19:56  
not changing my mind. I just think you you're missing it. And I think it's very important that we put this out there because we I bash this guy. And I think that it says it just like this, this section may not be construed to waive or modify any duty a health care provider or health care payer may have to provide or pay for other healthcare services that do not violate their right of medical conscious to waive or modify any duty to provide any informed consent required by law, or to allow a healthcare provider or payer to opt out of providing health care services to any patient or potential patient because of that patients or potential patients race, color, religion, sex or national origin. What they're saying, Lauren, is that it's not that they can Morty. Morty calls me, Andrew, I need to get to XYZ service. I could say to Morty, Morty, what's your religion? What's your beliefs? No, that's not what it says. It says I could say Morty. I don't provide abortion services here. I'm allowed to say no, because I'm consciously objecting to abortion service. Right. But I can't say Morty Are you gay? Right? It's saying right there, just so we're clear, because sex is interpreted broadly to include orientation under law. And I'm concerned, by the way that he only has 12345 protected classes, notice that I would have liked more protected classes. But to be clear, Lauren, the way I'm reading this law, and I have it in front of me is that they're very clear here. They're very clear that it's about services that healthcare providers or Payers can deny. Well, not only what they do, not based on who the people who are receiving the service can

Speaker 2  21:39  
say I'm only performing abortions for whites and non blacks.

Andrew Lieb  21:44  
Exactly. So why don't we read it on the news and why everyone's up in arms? is they're saying they passed this law in Florida. And I've seen a lot of tech talks about this where they can be like, Oh, so that's your husband? I'm not treating you. That would be despicable. Just so we're clear. If they said, is that your husband, I'm not treating? Oh, you're in an interracial marriage. Get out of here. Oh, you're a Muslim to hell would you? If they did stuff like that? I think DeSantis should be burned at a steak. That's not what he did, though. And I want to be clear about what he did. What he said is that certain people have ethical decisions. And I have a flaw in the law. Tomorrow, I want to tell you about this. It says certain people have ethical and moral beliefs. And it says that if you don't want to provide that service overall, like if you don't want to provide, for example, you are morally against penile implants. Ethically, you think that everyone's penile should be the right penile size.

Lauren Lieb  22:42  
What if a penile implant will extend your life for 10 years? And so if you're

Andrew Lieb  22:46  
morally against penile implants, you could just say, at this medical service, we don't do penile implants, we don't have to do it, and can the hospital fire you for not doing they cannot fire you for not doing it. But you couldn't say I want to only do a penile implant for you and not for you. Meaning that it's allowing someone to pick the services they want to offer overall. And I have no problem with that. I have no problem with doctors not having to offer certain services, like for example,

Unknown Speaker  23:14  
and it's only based on religious beliefs. So other than abortion,

Lauren Lieb  23:17  
other than abortion, well, would it be

Andrew Lieb  23:19  
a sex change? It could be a breast augmentation, to be completely honest with you, like

Speaker 2  23:23  
nobody's gonna be against a stent for a heart attack?

Andrew Lieb  23:27  
I guess not. But it could be that they are against some aspect of the stem for the heart. I don't know. I don't know religion.

Lauren Lieb  23:33  
They're different religions that might not want you to touch an Oregon or

Andrew Lieb  23:36  
so. But the point isn't, that doctor wouldn't do that. Imagine

Lauren Lieb  23:39  
that person wouldn't be a doctor. Okay, fine. But But I know, that could have gone to the hospital level.

Andrew Lieb  23:45  
So yeah, and but then you know, that hospitals not a place you go to so to put out what I'm saying, I know this nurse. She's a surgical nurse. She is anti abortion. She feels like she's being pressured. She's getting emotional distress. She's losing her dignity when they force her to be in the room while an abortion is being performed. All this law is saying as she can say to the, the head of the hospital, I never want to be in the room for abortions. And now just so we're clear, I think she's logically wrong. I think it's a bad choice for her. But forcing a doctor to provide services that they morally and ethically agree or disagree with, is putting them in a in a stressful situation where I think bad services are going to be provided. I don't want my doctor to be the whole time they're being like, I wish I didn't have to do

Lauren Lieb  24:40  
this. Theoretically, I get it. I still think it's a slippery slope.

Speaker 2  24:43  
And I would I would just I would edit the law to say that they can refuse it so long as there's other services they can provide at a hospital or else what's the doctor doing

Andrew Lieb  24:53  
there? Well, I imagine that hospital would close if there was no back and they wouldn't work there anymore. So I agree with what you're saying. And I But I want to tell you a part of the law I disagree with. And, and I have to tell you, I think that, again, I don't disagree with outright I agree or disagree with like you like there has to be an unless they allow medical students to do the same thing. And I disagree with that. Because I don't think you should get the same degree as someone else that had to learn how to do services that you refuse to learn how to do. Now, they could say, for example, you get a degree that says minus XYZ service, but I'm uncomfortable with a medical student, for example, becoming an OBGYN, that doesn't understand how to do certain abortion procedures that I would expect someone that has an OB GYN license, or whatever else it is to be able to do. And I'm not even talking about abortion, just so we're clear in like an elective procedure, like imagine medical necessity, for example,

Lauren Lieb  25:49  
like patient's going to die unless they get this medical procedure. Yeah,

Andrew Lieb  25:53  
but Lauren, to that point, I just want to put put this out there. It says requirement to provide emergency medical treatment, this section may not be construed to override any requirement to provide emergency medical treatment in accordance with state law, or the emergency medical treatment and activity Labor Act, active Labor Act. So I want to point out in DeSantis, again, he's saying, Listen, you may object to this. But if you're in the emergency room, and this procedure must happen in an emergency, tough noogies, you can object. And it does say that there too. So I think this law is flawed, meaning that I don't like the amount of only five protected classes, I would like to see many more protected classes, like for me telling me that we're just going to talk about things like I don't know, like when we're talking about sex, and it doesn't specify if sex is broader, like what what a sex even mean? Like? That's a question and race, color, religion, national origin, I could think of a lot of what about marital status, that should not be part of the conversation? Like there's a lot of things that I think we're missing here, like, I think we're missing here, maybe creed, that's a good one. Like I like read in there. There's things in here missing. I also think just to your point where it could be a slippery slope, but for if you read the whole bill, meaning they have to provide emergency medical care, and let's put that out to start off with, and this says it, let's assume, call me Lauren, Daigle Lingling. And you want What do you want? You want to know if I do XYZ service asked me.

Lauren Lieb  27:30  
I want to know if you do gender reconstruction, penile reconstruction, and it says

Andrew Lieb  27:35  
before you even come in, when I asked for an appointment, I have to give you notice, I don't do it. So like I have to tell you right away. So let's take it right. You're

Speaker 2  27:43  
not waiting on the operating table and the doctor walks in. Oh, sorry, I don't do that.

Andrew Lieb  27:47  
And I don't see any problem with it. Because let's forget ethics or morals. Like maybe you just don't want to do that too. Like for example, I

Lauren Lieb  27:54  
see I see a future of Handmaid's Tale. Tell me how you see that. Because once this has passed, then a couple of years later, something else that's more restrictive can get passed, and then more restrictive. Like, right now. You can't have abortion after a certain amount of weeks. And if it's if you're medically going to die, you know?

Andrew Lieb  28:12  
Well, that's not what this says at all. So I agree with you that a law that says you can't have abortion without an exception for life of the mother is a terrible, scary situation on a slippery slope. But that's not what we're talking about whatsoever. What we're talking about, is this specific law tonight preface it morally with there's a lot I disagree with about DeSantis and what he's doing I think you

Unknown Speaker  28:32  
said you love everything about the Santa.

Andrew Lieb  28:35  
You know, what I liked the most is gonna have his baby. Oh, no, I think that he looks really good. When he wears his lifts. I could see his his he has great hair too. He has these calves that bulge out when he when he when he does this. And I imagine he got his implant to be larger before he passed this bill. But that's a whole whole nother story. But Lauren, I get slippery slope. But media loses legitimacy. Yeah, then we criticize things that aren't real. So if this law gave them the ability doctors to pick based on patient, I would be screaming my head off. And I'd be making that we should be suing them. I would be hoping that someone would hire me I would fly to Florida. Like if any state says you can pick whether you're going to provide services based on who the patient is. That's not a place I want to live or be affiliated with. I hope they leave like If Florida wrote that I would hope they leave the contrary. Like you should never pick services based on who the person is. I don't think that would ever pass never pass and if it passes, I think it'd be overturned from even the most conservative Justice Thomas that ever lived 100% But even with even with getting donations he would junction Yeah. But to say that a doctor can ethically and morally disagree with being like I'm morally disagree with being a divorce lawyer. I don't want

Lauren Lieb  29:58  
to be a divorce lawyer but you don't believe other People shouldn't,

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